Random Leaves

Color pencil drawing of leavesArt Journal

I like to make an art journal drawing of something about my day.  Then every time I see that drawing I have a memory of the moment, triggered by the drawing.  This is in the re-purposed sketchbook of color pencil drawings.  The art journal sketchbook stays in my living room and I draw in it late in the evening.

What to draw? Color pencil? Ink?

On a walk through the library lawn I was looking for something to draw. I picked a dandelion leaf, a geranium leaf, and a leaf from a hedge.  Each was not particularly remarkable in itself.

How to draw? Quilt pattern?

I love these little studies like window panes.  They also look like quilt sections to me.

It was ever so hot and sunny this day.  That is probably why my color choices are so bright.  I drew this all at night but the bright colors seemed right.  The colors are far more vibrant than the actual leaves.

I love the possibilities given by using color pencils.  The pencil strokes can be light or heavy.  The pencil marks can be left visible or blended smooth.  The pencil marks can by layered, color on top of color,  to create new colors and depth of color.

This drawing makes me happy over and over, every time I look at it.

8/27/15 Color Pencil and Uni-Ball pen in a Canson Drawing Book by Bonnie Bayham