Art Journal



More Art for Fun!  More trees of life.  More color pencil. This is the next day and the next in a series of trees of life in my  art journal . I have been quite obsessed with this subject matter and always in this sketch book, first drawn free hand in permanent black ink and then colored in with color pencils. This motif has been to go-to when I must draw and draw just for fun.    

 What to draw?

These abstractions of trees are pure imagination. I draw the quilt grid first and next draw each square with a fantasy tree and sometime lines for background.  Next is the color pencil part.  We had beautiful sunny spring weather in San Diego and that influenced my color choices.  These colors all came from Prismacolor pencils. 

 There is a difference between product and process.  These quilt motif drawings in this sketchbook, especially the tree of life drawings, are most definitely not product.  They are purely done for the joy of the process.

How to draw?

These little trees of life look very like the ones from 5/05/16.  These are a little less abstract in form.  These have similar application of the pencil.  There is a lot of texture in the marks and variation in value achieved simply by how much pencil was applied in area.  These were so much fun!

5/06/16 Color Pencil and Uni-Ball in a Canson Drawing Book