About Bonnie Bayham

One of my earliest memories is drawing in my “sketchbook”, someone’s partially used and discarded lined-paper notebook, a yellow school pencil in hand, sitting in the car, while my grandfather was driving, when I was four years old. I still have that sketchbook.  In grade school I would lay on the floor and draw stories, all pictures, no words, largely influenced by Popeye and Olive Oil figures.  I designed and drew clothes for my paper dolls, cut them out, with little tabs sticking out of them, to fold over the shoulders and arms of the paper dolls.  My fourth grade teacher would have me decorate her cork boards with seasonal displays I created from large sheets of colored paper. I took art classes in high school, had a summer scholarship to the Art Institute in Chicago, and took a few art classes in college.  I sewed my own clothes, embroidered, needle pointed and drew for fun.

Academia, college, graduate school, and life happened.  Making art got short shrift for many years.  Designing and sewing a few Halloween costumes and drawing a few custom cards for occasions was all the art that happened.  Then two women friends introduced me to “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron.  The book, the tools offered in the book and the tool of “morning pages” awoke the artist in me and I could no longer resist making art.

My first baby step from no art to art was to take an art quilt class.  Fabric, thread, needles were very familiar and very accessible for me.  With that medium I developed a sense of design, color, and texture.

I discovered art journaling and took baby steps with drawing and watercolor to document my days.  I took watercolor classes.  I took a basic design class. I illustrated a book. I taught art.  I had an art club. I took drawing classes.  I took an oil painting class.  The art and all of my wonderful teachers have given me myself.

Now I draw, paint and work with fabric.  Art isn’t my job.  I have a job.  Art is me.  Art is fun.  I am sharing my art and my art journey with you because art is also you.  Please have fun with your art.