Saturday, May 29, 2016

Gail’s Lemon

Gail's Lemon is a color pencil drawing.

Art Journal

Gail’s Lemon is in a re-purposed sketchbook. This art journal sketchbook started as drawings, when I was sitting in meetings, during the boring parts. The drawings started as black ink and color pencils, 12 colors in a tin.  I found the partially filled sketchbook while tidying up and it is now in my living room for sketching at the end of the day.

What to draw?

This is Gail’s lemon, from her tree.  I drew this particular lemon because it was so interesting, with lots of green in the skin, and the curl and curve of the leaves.  We had gone to the Farmer’s Market, just a quick walk from her house.  I got chard, kale and beets for green juicing.  Gail gave me her lemons to add to the juice.  We got yummy lunch there, visited the lady with the lovely birds in cages, and got fresh gluten free pasta and bread.  It was a glorious and fun day.  And now every time I see Gail’s lemon in my art journal sketchbook I remember the fun of the day.

5/15/16 Color Pencil in a Canson Drawing Book by Bonnie Bayham